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School Profile

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Address: 17650 SE Brooklyn St, Portland, OR 97236

Phone: 503-762-3206


Principal: Nathaniel Buck  

Assistant Principal:  Cuong Hoang 

Assistant Principal:  Rosemary Tyson

Grades: 6-8

Mascot: Cougar


Mission: The mission of Centennial Middle School is to empower and inspire all students to apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become curious learners, creative problem solvers, to achieve personal success, and to become caring contributors to society.

Vision: Cultivating Minds for Success  

Core Values: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Educational Equity  

  • Basic Comprehensive Achievement Plan (CAP) Goals: 

    If Centennial Middle School provides ongoing professional development support on three main AVID strategies, which includes: 5 Stages of Note Taking, Structured Conversations and Philosophical Chairs, then 100% of CMS staff will be trained in these strategies for full implementation in the 2022-2023 school year in every classroom to support every student through AVID. 

    If Centennial Middle School increases Community class time and aligns lessons with CSD SEL Guiding Principles to  provide opportunities for staff and students to engage in relationship building, then at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, students will indicate an increased sense of both belonging and connections to Centennial Middle School.   

    If Centennial Middle School develops and facilitates a MTSS program that aligns with our district-wide process and resources, then all CMS students will increase their progress measures by the end of the school year.

    If Centennial Middle School develops a comprehensive, multifaceted communication plan to increase community engagement, then we will see an increase in participation in community events such as conferences and meetings with the principal.   



    Academic School Day Programs: Music: Band, Performing Chorus, Guitar, Music Careers, Intro to Chorus. Other Physical Education Opportunities: Fitness Aerobics, Fitness for Life, Health for all 7th grade students, Team Sports Sources of Strengths REAP (multicultural youth leadership program)

    School-wide Enrichment Programs: Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN)CMS Basketball Teams (Girls/Boys)Track and Field   

    Standard District Services/Programs: English Language Development (ELD) Courses Special Education Programing Special Education Structured Classes MTSS Special Education Programing   

    Parent/Family Partnership Opportunities: Site Council

    2020 Bond Project Improvements at Centennial Middle School:

    • Extensive roof repairs
    • Corridor updates include floor tile removal and the polishing of concrete floors and wainscot wall protection.
    • New paint on upper walls and doors
    • Extensive ceiling repairs
    • Ventilation and mechanical improvements
    • All three gym floors were completely stripped, sanded, sealed, and striped. 
    • Resurfaced track and field event areas 
    • Improved storm drainage around the track and at the center of the field to minimize standing water
    • Science labs and media center renovations 
    • Locker room updates
    • Improved safety and security (security vestibule, intercom, cameras, intrusion alarms, IT infrastructure)
    • Replacing lighting with energy efficient lighting in science classrooms, media center, and all corridors

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